5:00pm- 7:00pm -TBA
Instructor: TBA
Ever feel as though your learning curve has reached a plateau? This level 2/level 3 workshop is a rousing motivational tool to enhance one’s own practice. Mira will begin with a thorough breakdown of basic isolations and will gradually increase into multiple layering designed to bewilder the brain and electrify the body. This workshop is an asset to any dancer.

Saturday and Sunday Seminars take place at the  Neal Blaisdell Center Suites 777 Ward Avenue Honolulu Hi 96814   More Info

10:30am-1:00pm - TBA

Instructor: TBA
Divide your body into planes and imagine moving the top half of your body on a rotating axis where your arms operate as propellers to achieve the shapes you want to convey. This is the type of thinking you will be applying when learning the craft of Double Veil. This is Petite Jamilla's specialty and after performing and teaching it for more than 16 years, she is  the best instructor for this prop in her field. You will learn all of her "tricks" in combination format and then put them to a choreography for you to perform on your own. You must bring your own pair of veils to work with. Otherwise veils will be available for purchase at the seminar Middle Eastern Marketplace.

Shimmy with Aloha
Weekend of Seminars will be held at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Hawaii Suite 7-12.
Registration 8:00am

8:00am-9:30am- TBA
Instructor: TBA

True folklore in root of its' tradition and history, is a rich and dying art. Taught by her mother Jamilla Rasa (devout student of legends Aisha Ali, and Jamilla Salimpour), Petite Jamilla has an understanding of the origins of the movements and its culture. In an attempt to resurge the interest of this ancient beauty, this class will incorporate the traditional folklore of Ouled Nail Tunisian, Benet Mezin Ghawazee, and then touch on Algerian. After an introduction and application of these styles and moves, you will put them into a modern music version to Funk-it-up in pursuit of the evolution of this genre to survive in belly dance for generations to come!! Recommended for ALL STYLES of Belly Dance.



4:30pm-6:30pm- TBA
Instructor: TBA
This dance style is straight from the heart of Cairo! Shaabi is a style of music and dance that reflects modern Egyptian culture and the expression of its people. Be ready to show your playful side and learn new, fun ways to express your feelings! This workshop will cover the history of the music and dance style, common movements and gestures, popular artists, what to wear, and much more! By the end of the workshop, Tiffani promises to have you dancing like an authentic Egyptian!

2:00-4:30pm- TBA
Instructor: TBA

In this workshop, we will polish and refine 3/4 shimmies with the hips on the up and down. We will also layer 3/4 shimmies over traveling steps. After a dense course of drills and combinations, we will explore how to take 3/4 shimmies out of the hips and bring them into the shoulders, to add another dynamic element to bring your 3/4s up to 100%.

1:30pm-4:00pm- TTBA
Instructor: TBA
In this workshop, we focus on the differences between the traditional Oriental style bellydance and the ever-growing Tribal style bellydance. We will discuss and drill movements and techniques of Tribal style bellydance and Oriental bellydance to show how to fuse the two together, and how to switch between styles.

Instructor: TBA

​Regardless of dance experience and style of choice there is an intrinsic source of movement within each of us, a need to move. Through exercises in concentration, bodily coordination and aesthetic sensibility we will explore this intention and work on incorporating it into your movement vocabulary bringing each dancer closer to an individually authentic "voice" in their dance, building a bridge between learned technique and fluid expression. 

2017 Hawaii Belly Dance Convention Package

DAY RATES available:

Saturday October 14th Package $___ All seminars on Saturday October the 14th for one fee
Sunday October 15th Package $___   All seminars on Sunday October the 15th for one fee

REFLECTION... A positive performance review

5:00pm-8:00pm $12 General Admission $10 Museum Member/ Military

Honolulu Museum of Arts, Doris Duke Theatre

Parking & location info HERE

6:00pm- Doors open

6:30pm-Q & A with the 2017 Panel: _________________________

7:00pm- Reflection a positive performance review.

Panel will include the 2017 HBDC Headliners

Shimmy with Aloha Weekend of Seminars will be held at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Hawaii Suite 7-12.
Registration 7:30am

8:00am-10:00am - TBA
Instructor: TBA
This workshop is a re-exploration of classic bellydance from a natural movement perspective.  Taking our cues from the fundamental principles of baladi and folk dance, we’ll harness our body weight for easeful and juicy movement that agrees with the way our bodies are built.  The principles of classic Egyptian dance will guide us in rediscovering our bodies, from the ground up.  It will provide the tools for creating unique movement that feels good, and that can be a creative tool in improvisation or choreography.

7:30pm-9:00pm- TBA
Instructor: TBA
An articulate workshop designed to enhance the poise and fluidity of the arms and hands, providing the tools essential to learning beautiful arms. Mira will build improvisational combos that will introduce dancers to movement vocabulary beyond the “Tribal Frame” incorporating full body technique and fluid poise.