Mira Betz  has been studying and teaching Middle Eastern, North African and contemporary Tribal Fusion dance nationally and internationally for the past 20 years. Her significant contribution to Tribal Fusion, since its inception, has placed her among its few great pioneers.

        Her high-energy workshops are designed to challenge the students both physically and mentally, offering clear and supportive instruction in technique, rhythm, dynamic movement and stage presence. ​

        Mira’s philosophy is to empower each student with the tools and understanding to create their own unique voice as artists. Her passion for dance is infectious and through discussion, applied learning techniques, and critical thought, she pushes each student to discover their own clear path as an artist in dance.

*Students are advised to warm up prior to workshops.


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PETITE JAMILLA'S  emotive performances are unforgettable and her vulnerable transparency speaks to an audience on a visceral level, leaving you breathless.

            PJ became professional performing and touring regularly from the age of 15, a seasoned instructor by 17. In the Bellydance Superstars, Petite Jamilla was one of their most iconic acts with her Double Veil performance which through the years developed into 6 veils. She became the spokes person for the company becoming the key speaker in the majority of their media interviews. Briefly she was even the Artistic Director during the Art of Bellydance show in 2010.

            Petite Jamilla's spoken word, musicianship, public speaking skills and dancing are being seen across the world in a wide variety of avenues. Her artistic reputation and professionalism are the proof that this amazing woman is unstoppable and whatever she pursues creatively will be worth watching!

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FRANK FARINARO  From Colorado, by way of New Mexico, is an international dance artist.  A lifelong student, he has and continues to study numerous forms of dance and movement from around the globe. 

            Often described as "athletic artistry," Frank's style is a unique blend of folkloric foundations, respectful fusion, strong athleticism, and emotional expression.  As a pioneering male bellydance fusionist, he has taught and performed in four continents at bellydance festivals, community events, studio intensives, colleges, and universities. 

             In addition to appearing in music and promotional videos for hip-hop artists, EDM DJs, dance festivals, and night clubs, Frank was the first male bellydancer featured in Jillina's Bellydance Evolution.  He is honored to share his love of art and passion for dance with you.

Henna has been utterly captivated by the movement, music, and expression of bellydance since 2002.  She has studied and performed American Cabaret, Egyptian raqs sharki, Egyptian folkloric dances, and Tribal Fusion.  She acquired her sea-legs by performing four to five nights a week in settings ranging from Middle Eastern weddings to restaurants and nightclubs, while living in Tokyo, Japan from 2005 to 2009.  Henna can now be found teaching in Portland, Oregon and as a guest instructor on Rachel Brice’s Datura Online, and on the judging panel for regional dance competitions.  As a teacher, she believes in creating a solid base of movement technique, music and cultural understanding, and historical data from which students can confidently find their voice in bellydance. 


Tiffani Ahdia is an internationally recognized bellydance artist who has been teaching and performing oriental dance professionally since 2008 and other various styles for over 20 years. Her long list of accomplishments includes starring in her own full length instructional DVD (Shimmy Carnival), being a featured instructor and judge at some of North America’s most renowned bellydance conventions, winning several international competitions, and placing in the top six on the popular reality show, Project Bellydance: The Search for America’s Top Bellydancer. She has even made the headlines in many popular Cairo newspapers.

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